Live an Active Life after the Hip Replacement Surgery in Gurgaon

Hip replacement is a surgical procedure of removing painful and stiff hip joint and replacing with an artificial joint often made up of metal and plastic components. The surgeons first recommend some medications to the patient and when nothing seems to be working, then the patient is advised to undergo the hip replacement surgery in Gurgaon, Delhi as this is the best treatment solution to provide adequate pain relief. The surgery can be performed traditionally or by using minimally-invasive technique; however, the only difference between both the techniques is the size of the incision. Basically, the joint is a ball and socket joint where a ball is the top of the thighbone (femur) and the socket is a “cup-shaped” part of the pelvis that is called the acetabulum. Therefore, depending on the condition and severeness of the pain, the doctors can recommend surgery from their surgical options.

Hip replacement surgery

  • Arthroscopy – This is a surgical technique which involves small incisions to fix the damaged soft tissues around the joints and remove broken and free-floating cartilage pieces. With Arthroscopy, the pain is often reduced to the extent immediately and improves range of motion and other symptoms.
  • Joint resurfacing – Patients recommended for joint resurfacing tends to have a low risk of dislocation and the patient can soon return to his routine activities after the treatment. Resurfacing is a different form of surgery in which the original ball and socket of the thigh bone are resurfaced instead of replacing the hip joint with artificial metal and plastic component.

Who is the right candidate for the hip replacement in Gurgaon, Delhi?

The surgeons state that the replacement surgeries are most commonly performed due to the gradually deteriorating of severe arthritis in the hip joint. However, the most common type of arthritis that leans towards the replacement surgery is Degenerative arthritis. This is generally observed due to the factors like aging, congenital abnormality or prior trauma of the hip joint. Moreover, there are many other conditions that may require hip replacement surgery in Gurgaon, Delhi includes bony fracture, rheumatoid arthritis, and death of the bone. The bone necrosis can occur because of the fracture of the hip, chronic use of drugs like prednisone and prednisolone, alcoholism, and general diseases like lupus erythematosus.

Hence, the prime objective of the surgeons to advise the surgical procedure is to increase muscle strength, eliminate the pain and stiffness, prevent the new joint from injury or damage, and increase the blood circulation and overall fitness.