Total Knee Replacement

  • With total knee replacement surgery, the damaged parts of the knee that need repair will be removed and replaced with metal and plastic implants
  • During surgery, an implant, especially selected to match the patient’s needs, will be affixed to the underlying bones

  • The damaged portions of the femur and cartilage are cut away
  • The end of the femur is reshaped to allow the metal femoral component to fit onto it

  • The metal component is attached to the end of the femur using bone cement
  • The damaged area of the tibia and cartilage are cut away
  • The tibia is reshaped to receive the metal tibial component

The metal baseplate is cemented in place and the plastic insert is snapped in to the baseplate

Total Knee Replacement: After Surgery

  • The incision is closed
  • Patient is sent to recovery
  • Physical therapy begins day 1 post-op
  • Discharge from the hospital in 4-6 days
  • Follow-up with the surgeon at 1, 3, 6 and 12 month intervals