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If you are undergoing through any pain in your knees or legs, and you want to be treated by a Knee Surgeon in Gurgaon, who is an expert in the diagnosis and treatment of these problems. At Dwarka orthopedics, our team of Board Certified Orthopedic surgeons that are nationally recognized leaders in the treatment of the full range of Knee Surgery, using high-tech technology and the latest surgical techniques – from arthroscopic procedures to partial or full joint replacement.

Knee surgery in Gurgaon


Nowadays knee soreness affects almost everyone on the earth at some point in their life.  Each injury has its own particular mechanism of the knee injury and of course the Knee Surgery. You may sense this pain all of the sudden just after an exercise or sport, but like much wear and tear or arthritis can creep up on us all. Proper strength, persuasiveness, and flexibility are the key here. Over half of athletes that exercise face some sort of knee related pain that year and seems to have the Knee Problem in Men. It speculated that greater hip to knee geometry is somewhat wider in women thus increasing knee forces. It is the 2nd most common musculoskeletal disorder that makes people go to the orthopedic doctor.

  • WHO GET KNEE ISSUES? Everyone whether it is Women, men or children. It occurs in people of all races, tribe, community, color and ethnic backgrounds
  • HOW COMMON IS KNEE PAIN? It is very normal and usual especially among athletes, Responsible for about one-third doctor’s visits for Knee Problem in Men.
  • WHAT INVOLVED IN A PHYSICAL EXAMINATION OF KNEE? The doctor diagnoses the knee while placing a sort of positions and performs some in-office tests. He or she also appraise the appearance and pain of knee and compare it to the Good knee.
  • WHAT ARE SUDDEN INJURIES? It caused by the direct blow or from irregular twisting, falling and bending.

It is common among athletes. The athlete takes part in activities which require a lot of knees bending such as jumping, walking, and biking which usually causes pain around the knee cap.

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